Automated Window Cleaning

We clean with care.

It’s no exaggeration to say that innovation has changed the way window cleaners work all over the world.

There is no need for cleaners to dangerously abseil down buildings or use heavy, cumbersome cradles packed with cleaners to be suspended precariously on your building. Enter the CCM Bug – a machine that can do a week’s worth of window cleaning in a day.

When combined with reduced insurance premiums, it’s easy to see why this system can reduce window cleaning costs by a third.

Innovation is at the heart of the success of this system, and not least of these is the ability to achieve water purity of zero parts per billion, a thousand times purer than previously possible.

The Bug Is Safer

CCM’s Bug is operated from the rooftop or from the ground by remote control. No longer is it necessary to hang window washers over the side of your building, risking injury.

The Bug cleans Windows and Building Exteriors

CCM’s Bug not only cleans the windows, but also building exteriors, including window frames and decorative cladding. By using filtered, ultra-pure water, the Bug leaves a spot-free window and building exterior without the use of harsh chemicals. This is today’s green solution for window cleaning.

In summary, the Bug gives you:

  • Labour savings of one third
  • Clean windows frames and building exteriors
  • Chemical-free cleaning
  • Windows that stay clean windows longer