Office Plants

‘GREEN’ Your Indoor Spaces

Office Plants: As an extension to our office cleaning services, we believe that the provision of office plants is a natural progression of CCM's portfolio of services. The same can be said of our window cleaning and office sanitizing services. It follows therefore, that we see ourselves playing a major role in enhancing our clients’ work-space in ways that improve productivity and promote a sense of well-being in their office environs. Environmental studies have shown that there is a psychological link between well-being and environmental factors. Nature reserves and parks are a good example of the effect nature can have on the human psyche. Plants offer a contribution to well-being in the workplace through reduction in stress levels and general psychological stability. Given that working people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, it is important to introduce plants into the workplace environment.

Our selection of office plants include African and exotic live specimens and where necessary, or on request, we can include artificial plants.

We tailor make our solutions to accommodate your specific needs and maintain the solution through our well trained indoor and outdoor gardeners, who ensure the longevity and provide general care for the plants. The installation of indoor water features are also within our capabilities. The global trend towards indoor green walls or vertical landscaping is ideal for smaller office interiors.

We offer our services on a long term contractual basis but special short-term arrangements are possible if so desired.

Some of our clients’ prefer to purchase the plants outright and engage us to provide an ongoing weekly maintenance service.

All the above services are also available to our domestic clients.