Dragonfly, Internal Water-Fed- Pole, Window Cleaning

The Dragonfly makes window cleaning even easier.

The Dragonfly is the perfect answer to internal glass cleaning where ladders, or other reach equipment, are usually required, as it allows you to clean windows, cladding, and other smooth hard surfaces with your feet on the ground.

A simple pump system with a rechargeable battery, and a bottle filled with water on a belt, pumps water to the head where the swivel mop plate is attached to a telescopic pole, providing a mist that is sufficient for the microfibre pad to clean efficiently and speedily.
Areas of use include car showrooms, stairwells, atriums in office blocks, schools, colleges, hotels, airports, shopping centres – the opportunities are endless.

A trigger attached to the telescopic pole allows for total control of liquid applied. The high-tech microfibre pads are washable up to 500 times without losing their integrity, and when slightly moistened, they cut through grease and other soilage found on glass in almost no time at all. The battery-operated pump allows a fine mist of pure water, or a light detergent glass cleaner, to be applied to the area without the need to collapse the pole to moisten the pad.

The belt kit enables the operator to move around freely and can be configured to suit individual requirements.
The kit includes instructions for use, a 240-volt battery charger, a 500ml bottle in a holster, a battery in a holster with a lighted on/off switch, a pump in a holster, a webbing belt, a trigger assembly for connecting to a pole, a mop plate head assembly with a fine nozzle, a microfibre pad, and an enclosure for safe storage of the belt kit when it’s not in use.

There is a selection of microfibre pads available for various cleaning applications.

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