Tidy up your Office by doing these Small Tasks

Let’s face it – a dirty office can make work life so unpleasant, it can be hard to actually get any work done at all. The sight of all of those ringed coffee cups and greasy bowls from last week’s lunches are enough to churn your stomach.

It’s for this reason that hiring an office cleaning service is one of the best things you can do to boost employee morale and efficiency, particularly if you and your staff are not particularly adept at cleaning up regularly.

Indeed, an office cleaning service can make all the difference, but did you know that there are things that you and your employees can do that require minimal effort each day, but that can make a massive impact on how clean and tidy the office is? Read on to find out what these are!

The first point to note is that, if each employee takes responsibility for his or her immediate work area, then clutter and mess can be managed much more easily. This includes desks, files, and computers or laptops.

Clean Care office cleaning services

As computers are probably the most frequently used items of the office, they get dirty the quickest. Ask your employees to regularly wipe their keyboards and screens. A microfibre cloth and a little ear bud dipped in rubbing alcohol can pick up those stubborn bits of dust between keys.

Following on from PCs are printers and copiers. While these get used frequently, because they aren’t typically moved around a lot, they collect dust at an unbelievable rate. Again, a microfibre cloth will lift most of the collected dust.

Of course, there are your desks, too. It’s a good idea to have everyone remove everything from the surface of their desks every once in while (once a month is good) and give them a good clean. If the desks are made from wood, then a suitable polish should be used, otherwise an all-purpose cleaner will do the job.

Moreover, one of the banes of any office is, of course, filing. Nobody likes filing, but everyone’s got to do it at some point. Unfortunately, this is not something that your office cleaning service can typically help out with, either. A company’s files are often confidential and the system is structured and rigorous, so it’s up to the employees to sort out their own files. Rather than letting it build up until people can’t even see their colleagues over the massif that is the office paperwork anymore, setting aside a time and day each week to sort these things out will help to keep things neat and tidy.

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