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Johannesburg cleaning services want you to know this interesting fact about colour and hygiene.

Perhaps one of the most notable achievements of human history is antiseptics. That is a bold statement to make, however, things certainly appear to have become an awful lot better since soap arrived on the scene. Relatively speaking, the world hasn’t experienced another Black Plague. So, to pull this introduction out of the increasingly morbid, let’s add a splash of colour! You heard right, colour is indeed relative to hygiene; a matter on which Johannesburg cleaning services, like Clean Care Mobile, are experts.

Let us use the common office as an example. It is a space in which many people work in close proximity, which means that poor hygiene can spread quite rampantly. On this matter, the basics make a difference. Just washing one’s hands after using the bathroom goes a long way towards better hygiene. The idea that not everyone does this might surprise you, but it’s a truth. In fact, international research has shown that nearly a third of bathroom visitors don’t wash their hands before leaving the bathroom.

This is where colour comes in. You may know that, on a subconscious level, the colour of rooms can affect or enhance our moods. Have you ever found that you inexplicably feel cheerful when entering a yellow kitchen? This is because yellow affects humans on an emotional level. And green, for example, can make us feel at peace. Similarly, blue can make us feel cleverer, and pink inspires maternal, or paternal, instincts.

So, how does this apply to hygiene? Tests have shown that certain colours inspire feelings of cleanliness and freshness, and can subconsciously prompt certain people to want to wash their hands upon exiting a bathroom. Research into the matter has uncovered that turquoise is one of the best colours to place in a bathroom, because this fills people with the fresh feeling of ocean spray on a warm summer day.

It is strange to think that painting the walls a different colour could have a significant impact on a business, but indeed it can. Better hygiene means improved health on the part of a company’s employees. Better health means less sickness being circulated, less absenteeism, and better morale overall.

So, there you have it. The colour of the bathroom in an office building could actually increase revenue for its company. Take it from the Johannesburg cleaning services experts, Clean Care – colour can have a significant impact on hygiene.

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