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7 tips to help keep your home clean all week long.

When we’re really honest about it, cleaning is just above ‘get eaten by a shark’ on the universal list of good times. Yes, those retro advertisements lied to you – not even ’50s housewives enjoyed cleaning. This is why many of us hire domestic cleaning services to do our cleaning for us. But, if you find that the chores pile up in between cleaning services visits, there are some things that you can do to keep your house looking (relatively) spotless.

Some of these require a little effort and motivation, but they will keep you from having to break out the rubber gloves and apron – which, let’s face it, is ‘The Dream’. Here are a few tips for those who find cleaning, well, less than inspiring (ahem, all of us):

Cleaning the shower: this is possible to do mid-shower. Just keep a sponge (preferably one with a handle) soaked with a 50/50 mixture of dishwashing liquid and white vinegar in your shower, and do some scrubbing in the time you’d usually spend just, you know, standing there.

Cleaning the bath: use shower gel instead of soap. This drastically reduces rings around the bath.

Cleaning the kitchen: While the lovely lasagne you just spent two hours creating is in the oven, get to washing the stacks of dishes you created as well. Chances are good that you’ll finish them before the oven timer goes off, and then you can enjoy your dinner free from the thought of the post-dinner cleaning.

Sweeping: Since we’re heading into winter, you’ll probably be wearing a lot of big, fluffy socks around the house anyway. Just do some foot sweeping as you head down the passage to make some hot chocolate, and laugh at the broom as you pass it.

Cleaning the microwave: Harness the power of steam for this task. Just put a bowl containing two cups of water and half a cup of white vinegar in the centre of your microwave, and then turn it on for three minutes on high. The steam will do the bulk of the cleaning, and you just have to wipe it dowGn with a cloth to finish the job.

Cleaning the blender: Fill your dirty blender with hot, soapy water and turn it on. The swirling current does wonders with cleaning the sides. When it’s clean, just pour the water out and give it a rinse with some fresh water. Job done!

You could wait for the next visit of your domestic cleaning services, or you could use a tiny bit of effort and have your house looking spotless all week long. Just a few small changes to your daily routine will have your family and friends thinking that your cleaning services have moved in.

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