Automated Window Washing is Awesome!

We look at what the Skydrowasher can do for your windows.

When it comes to window washing, the world has moved on from the days of manually cleaning with the rope access method. Using one today is about as ludicrous as using a dial-up modem to connect to the internet.
Enter: the Skydrowasher.

This automated window washing system is the future of window cleaning. While manual washing can clean between 100m² and 120m² per day, the Skydro can clean up to 150m² in just 15 minutes. One of the reasons that this is possible is that automated window washing does not work from a bucket of water that gets dirtied. Manual washers need to empty the bucket each time the water is soiled, which, as you can imagine, happens frequently, and this is incredibly time-consuming.

In addition to this, if the machine operators decide to do further cleaning, it’s a simple matter to run the machine over the area again. This is often necessary on buildings that are cleaned about four times per year (which is the average). Moreover, if the hard exterior of the building needs to be cleaned, the Skydro can tackle that too, no problem.

The Skydro is what makes Clean Care stand above our competitors, as we are the only cleaning company in South Africa that makes use of this machine.

Some of the specs of this awesome technology are as follows:

• Water pressure: 6.2 – 9.6 MPA

• Speed: 1 metre/sec

• Number of Nozzles: 2

• Weight/Mass: 80 kg

Our single Skydro Base Package is affordable and includes a lip brush on the outside of the machine so that spraying is reduced, a rear-mounted pressure gauge, regulator valve that acts to conserve water, top- and bottom-mounted deflector fins that help to guide it over protuberances, a rack mounted on the rear to keep the machine positioned against the building, two lengths of 182m nylon rope, arms with foam ends to stabilise the machine during windy conditions, and more!

Contact us today to discuss how our automated window washing system can make your windows sparkle and shine!


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