The 5 Craziest & Innovative Cleaning Products Ever Invented

The 5 Craziest & Innovative Cleaning Products Ever Invented

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A look at the world’s most useless yet innovative cleaning products.

The world is full of bright minds that choose to use their powers for good, and aim to improve our quality of life. Such is the case with the inventors of some of the most innovative cleaning products the world has ever seen. However, while their inventions may be innovative, they are also completely useless.

Perhaps they had the terrible luck of being born ahead of their time, or perhaps they had the worse luck of being born a little weird. But, whatever the case, the inventors of the following products succeeded only in creating cleaning products that will end up in novelty shops, at best. Here is a look at some of the craziest cleaning products ever invented:

Bug swatter slippers

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These incredible slippers feature telescopic handles that extend from their heel areas, and can be used as a handle to swat those pesky six-legged intruders. But, chances are good that if you’re too scared to get close enough to a cockroach to stand on it, you don’t want its insides all over your carpet – or your slippers. Instead, invest the money in some bug spray, and avoid swinging your slippers around the house like a retired tennis star suffering a nervous breakdown.

Baby Broomcleaning products


Your baby has had a free ride up until now – just lying in its cot, eating and sleeping. But, now that it’s learned how to crawl, the fun is over! Turn your baby into a broom with this handy little outfit, and relax while your infant does the sweeping for you. Added bonus: nothing says cute like a baby covered in dust bunnies.

Video-aided ear cleaner

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Sure, that’s just what you want – to look inside your own ear as you clean it.

USB-powered vacuum

innovative cleaning products vacuum

Remember that chip crumb that got stuck between the keys in your keyboard and has been evolving into something from a ’50s horror movie ever since? Well, this handy vacuum can suck it right up. There is no sarcastic comment for this gadget because it’s actually useful and, since it’s styled like a retro vacuum cleaner, it’s just awesome.

Washing machine for humans


This big, expensive piece of equipment magically does what showers have been doing for centuries.

These inventions may not have made the world a better place, but they have succeeded in making it more amusing. But, for truly innovative cleaning services, visit Clean Care Mobile.

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