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Swift but Effective


The products that office cleaning services need to work quickly.


The office is your home away from home.  In fact, discounting the hours you spend sleeping, you could actually spend more time at your office than you do at home.  This is why your office should be a comfortable and, more importantly, clean environment.


Office cleaning services in Johannesburg exist to make sure that your work environment is free of dirt and clutter.  However, these cleaning companies have to create this environment without disrupting the flow of the office.  This may sound like an impossible task, but office cleaning services have perfected the art of creating a spotless environment quickly and effectively.  Here is some insight into the tools that they find essential for this:


The Dry Sweeping Pad:

These are far more effective than brooms because they collect the dust and dirt as they go, making them perfect for office cleaning.  Tiles or wooden floors stay spotless and the cleaning staff can move through rooms very quickly, causing little to no disruption.


The Multi-purpose Surface Cleaner:

When swiftness is the name of the game, cleaning services can’t be held up by having to change products for different surface types.  This is why a multi-purpose cleaner is best.  An office cleaner can clean anything from wood to stainless steel with one product, which causes the least disruption possible.


The Multi-purpose Bathroom Cleaner:

Because offices have communal bathrooms, the risk of bacteria is greater.  This is why office cleaning services need specialised products that also allow for fast cleaning.  Multi-purpose bathroom cleaners are the answer.  These contain bleach, so they disinfect and prevent against bacteria, but they are also gentle enough to be used on everything from basins to floors.


The Grease-cutting Window Cleaner:

Windows are an area of the office that need particular attention.  Since they are exposed to lots of different hands, the chance of them becoming greasy is quite high.  Ordinary cleaners merely spread this grease around, leaving the windows looking streaky and smeared.  Window cleaners that cut through grease are the best for windows, and leave their glass looking crystal clear.


The Right Floor Polishing Pads:

Using polishing machines to clean floors can be disruptive, but the best office cleaning services know how to minimise the level of disruption.  These polishing pads are colour coded according to abrasion.  Picking a pad that is kind to the floor, but strong enough to clean it thoroughly, is key.  This way, cleaning companies need to polish office floors less frequently.


Cleaning companies in Gauteng are aware of the importance of office work, and thus do their best to keep offices clean without disrupting their workers.  It is a difficult task, but having the right tools for the job makes it easier.  The above are just some of the handy supplies in an office cleaner’s arsenal.



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