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Clean your Electronics the Easy Way


Automated cleaning services can make your office sparkle and shine like brand new, but even with inventions like our Skydrowasher, which is a genius automated window cleaning system, there are still some things that are better off being cleaned by hand (we’re talking to you, smartphone). Here are our best tricks for getting the oil, dirt and grease off your electronics:


Unlike many other kinds of electronics, smartphones are made to take a bit of a beating, but this doesn’t mean that you can drop kick yours in frustration when your rugby team loses; you still need to be careful, including when cleaning it. There are a few ways to clean your touchscreen:
• Water
• Rubbing alcohol
• Diluted vinegar
If you use any of these methods, remember to always use a microfibre cloth and spray the liquid onto the cloth. Never spray directly onto the screen.


These are way more delicate than smartphone screens, so it’s important not to use window cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Doing this will ruin the anti-glare coating on your monitor. Simply use water and rub in small circular motions.


Here, a compressed air blower and an ear bud with some rubbing alcohol on it will do wonders. The compressed air blows out dust, while the rubbing alcohol will take off the oil. You can also sometimes remove the keys from your keyboard, but it’s recommended to always check the manual first to find out if you can, and how to do it. Check out this video with some more info on cleaning a keyboard:


You can clean your mouse in much the same way as your keyboard – simply put rubbing alcohol on an ear bud and gently rub it in using circular motions.
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