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In today’s digital world, there is simply no excuse for office clutter. The digital age allows us to conduct work in a paperless environment meaning less documentation lying around, fewer filing cabinets, and all that really remains to maintain a tidy workspace, is to occasionally get an office cleaning company to service the carpets and furniture.

Despite this, many offices still find themselves knee deep in paperwork, with documents strewn over desks. The content and relevance of these documents often remains a mystery.

It does not take the expertise of professional office cleaning services to sort out this mess. It’s simply a matter of making a concerted effort to get your office more organised.

Here are five tips to help you get the job done:

1 Pump up the jams

Nobody likes cleaning. If it was such an enjoyable task, the office wouldn’t have found itself in such an disorganised state in the first place. So… make it a bit more fun by playing some tunes that keep the spirits high while you get down to some hard graft.

2 Sort out your paperwork

This is a fairly obvious step. Sort your paperwork into piles that indicate which are still in use, which can be filed and which can be thrown away. It is incredible how many documents are lying on desks and in draws that relate to expired tasks.

3 Arrange books and files in shelves

Place books and files in shelves or racks where they can be sorted according to the category, perhaps even alphabetically. This way any literature or documentation can easily be found when and if they are sought.

4 The wipe down

Electrons are the enemy of cleanliness. These little charged particles act like magnets for dust which can cause havoc in PC electronics as well as your nasal passages. Also, don’t be that person with the breadcrumbs in your keyboard and the finger-prints all over your screen. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is all it takes to get things looking spick and span.

5 The final step

Finally, sit down, look around and enjoy the organisation of a clean office. Try to schedule routine clean-ups or even consider employing someone to regularly tidy up. If you feel the task is too tough for you to complete alone, then get hold of the top cleaning company in Johannesburg – Clean Care Mobile. We offer professional office cleaning services creating a clean, comfortable and safe working environment that is a pleasure to work in.

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