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Why You Should Clean Your Office to Increase Efficiency

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In an office environment, it is usually the carpet that picks up the most dirt and in some instances may even cause hygiene concerns for your personnel. The likelihood of people getting sick in a dirty office increases and often this means recruiting the services of an expert carpet cleaning company.

According to an article on Business Insider, a study was conducted to distinguish whether or not cluttered work spaces were ideal to work in; the study concluded that tidy work spaces increase the likelihood of work being done more efficiently. A cluttered work place, on the other hand, may enhance creativity, however, many people seem to use this theory as an excuse for a messy workplace. A creative work space is not about clutter and lack of organisation, but rather about colour, vibrancy and innovative decor.

To resolve the issue of people looking for excuses to live and work in cluttered or untidy spaces, we can argue the point that even the most creative of occupations, such as architects and artists tend to have some of the most clean and organised working environments. Work is about functionality and results and that is what a clean environment is said to produce in the office. Creativity is not a scarce resource when you know what you are doing.

As a company that specialises in office cleaning, we too strive to be at the forefront of creativity and innovation. It is through this innovation that we have developed some of the most effective, efficient and eco friendly carpet cleaning services in the industry.

If you have clients walk into your office from time to time, dirt sends out all the wrong impressions about the personnel that occupies the office. This is the last thing any business would want because every client knows that any company is only as good as the people that work in it.

Carpets should be cleaned often to protect them from wear, especially carpets in corporate environments where there is high traffic. Frequent cleaning removes dirt and grit which can damage the carpet fibres. Carpets can also be breeding grounds for bacteria which can trigger allergies. Contact Clean Care Mobile for our innovative carpet cleaning services and send the right messages about your business to whoever might walk in.


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