If You Have Pets You Need Carpet Cleaning Services

If you’ve ever owned any pets, you’ll agree that they become a big part of your life. You look forward to coming home to them after work, you can’t wait to take them for a walk on the weekend, and they make for the best selfie partners. Scientists have gone on to prove how having pets can actually improve our mental and physical health, and some people would go as far as saying pets are really angels and can do no wrong.
However, owning a pet comes with a territory, and your pet will occasionally mark this territory using his/her bodily fluids or carry in unwanted guests. Here are some of the germs and rodents your furry friends could bring into your home if you don’t regularly do your carpet cleaning.

 Scratch Fever

Around 40% of cats carry a bacteria called Bartonella henselae, which is responsible for causing cat scratch fever. Besides fever, as the name suggests, there are other symptoms to look out for including blisters and swollen glands.


A lot of cats are vulnerable to a tapeworm called Dypilidium caninum. The tapeworm doesn’t normally cause any illness in humans. If it’s ingested through an infected flea for instance, you could experience symptoms like stomach pain, diarrhoea and rectal itching/irritation. Thankfully, if you do get it, you’ll be able to treat it using praziquantel, an anti-parasitic medicine.

Pasteurella Multocida

If you don’t have the best carpet cleaning solutions, your cat or dog could give you Pasteurella Multocida. Healthy dogs and cats normally carry the bacteria in their mouths, but because they lick themselves a lot, they could pass the bacteria after walking all over a carpet that hasn’t been cleaned.

Don’t be fooled by anyone that says owning a pet is easy work as pets can bring dirty germs into your house. Protecting yourself from unwanted sicknesses starts with making sure your carpet cleaning is done on time every single time. And if you won’t do it to keep yourself safe from germs, do it for your pet.

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