Are Carpets Better for a Home Than Tiles?

Are Carpets Better for a Home Than Tiles?

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As leading carpet cleaners, you can probably imagine how often we get asked the question that features in the title of this article.  ‘Are carpets or tiles better for my home?’  Well, the truth is that it comes down to personal preference.  Tiles may be easier to clean on the spot, but walking around barefoot on them in the middle of winter seems akin to something a Tibetan monk would do to prove his faith.

So, in order to try to determine which is better, let’s take a look at the facts.  We’ll highlight the basic pros and cons of having carpets and having tiles, and let you decide for yourself which type of flooring suits you more.

Carpet Cleaning vs Tile Cleaning

When it comes to the battle of floor coverings, carpet cleaning is a big factor.  Dust does tend to settle into carpets, which can aggravate allergies.  And, if you have pets, those unfortunate mishaps that are bound to happen can leave annoying stains.

Tiles, on the other hand, are easy to clean with a bucket and mop.  So stains aren’t an issue.  However, when it comes to dust, if left long enough tiles can form a horrible layer of dirt on their surfaces that sticks to the bottoms of bare feet – certainly not a desirable factor.

In this respect, carpets win.  There is little in this world that brings such a feeling of unadulterated pleasure than walking around barefoot on a soft carpet.  (If you’ve seen Die Hard, you’ll know it’s John McClane’s secret to surviving air travel).

So, this brings us to a bit of a catch-22.  Carpets are way better for comfortable living, but their affinity for collecting dirt and stains puts many people off them.  Is there a solution in sight?

All Is Not Lost, Thanks to Carpet Cleaning Services

If you’re a fan of carpets, there is absolutely no reason for you to have to compromise on comfort.  But, you also don’t have to live with dirty carpets.  All you need are some trusted carpet cleaners!

Carpet cleaning services use specialised equipment and techniques to have your carpets looking and feeling as good as new.  Say goodbye to allergies and, as far as stains go, they’ll be a distant memory.

Clean Care Mobile can ensure that you never feel the icy bite of a winter tile on your foot again, and yet don’t have to live with stains just to enjoy the comfort of carpets.  So, for a life of wonderfully clean carpets, contact us today!

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