Carpet Cleaners Johannesburg: Is Your Dirty Home Making You Sick?

Carpet Cleaners Johannesburg: Is Your Dirty Home Making You Sick?

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During the winter months, there are plenty of viruses going around, and you may find that you simply keep getting sick. This could be due to the weather or the places that you frequent, but the source could be coming from your own home, too. A dirty, stained carpet is enough to make you sick, but it could be affecting your physical health more than your poor nerves. This is why it is so important to use trusted, professional carpet cleaners.

Granted, when looking for carpet cleaners you probably have a few requisites, such as:

  • I want carpet cleaners near me
  • I want the cheapest cleaners I can find

Some of the carpet cleaners Johannesburg has to offer may be cheap and convenient, but their service could be negatively affecting your health, and the health of your family. Cleaning services that over-wet your carpets, for example, increase the potential for mould growth.

The Dangers of Mould

You may think that mould is just an inconvenience in that it’s unsightly and potentially expensive. However, mould can have a very serious impact on your health. Here are some of the dangers of having mould growing in your carpets:

  • Pain in your muscles and joints
  • A decrease in your immune system and general fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • GI issues
  • Visual disturbances and memory loss
  • Headaches, depression, and anxiety

The problem with mould comes from its way of reproducing. Fungi spread through the release of spores into the air. These reproductive cells are not visible to the naked eye, making them that much more dangerous. It is easy to be exposed to millions of spores inside of a very small area – an area as small as a postage stamp, in fact.

Allergenic and pathogenic moulds are dangerous in their own right, and can lead to allergies and bacterial infections respectively. However, it is also possible for toxigenic moulds to form in a home. Toxigenic moulds have serious health implications, leading in some cases to serious immunosuppression and possibly even cancer.

I Want Reliable Carpet Cleaners Near Me

Carpet cleaners who use cheap, weak equipment often leave carpets too wet. This greatly increases their risk of mould. With this in mind it might be a good time to add a few requisites to your list, and possibly top it with the desire for the best cleaners on the market.

Mould is a serious issue, and the best way to avoid it is through high-quality cleaning services. So, for carpet cleaning that keeps your carpets beautifully clean and fresh, and protects you and your family from the dangers of mould, contact Clean Care Mobile today!

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