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DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

DIY vs Professional | Clean Care Mobile

Times are tough these days, and people don’t have an awful lot of money to devote to home maintenance.  This is pretty much how the DIY fad came about.  But, though doing things yourself often seems cheaper than calling in the professionals, it isn’t always the case.  A prime example of this is carpet cleaning.

A home improvement blogger recently wrote about her and her family’s experience trying to lower their carpet cleaning prices by avoiding professional carpet cleaning services, hiring a carpet cleaning machine, and doing it themselves.

This particular blogger said it was a huge mistake, and her sentiment is widely shared across the internet.   Here’s why:

Carpet Cleaning Method

There are two problems with DIY carpet cleaning.  The first is the carpet cleaning method, and the second is the machinery.

With regards to the method, many would-be DIY cleaners don’t fully grasp the physicality of the job.  The blogger in question said that it took two full days to clean the carpets in her house, and after that her back and ankles were absolutely killing her.

And, aside from the physical ailments that came with DIY cleaning, the end-product wasn’t perfect.  The machines that are available for hire simply don’t have the penetration of professional machines.  This means, after all of that back-breaking DIY work, stains and odours may still persist.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

The blogger also noted that the price of cleaning her carpets herself wasn’t all that good compared to the prices of professional carpet cleaning services.

Aside from the rental of the machine, she had to buy all of the chemicals with which to clean her carpets.  Moreover, the fact that it took so long meant that she had to take time off work.  The money she lost from not working, plus the rental costs, plus the chemical costs (plus the electricity she used keeping fans on the carpets for days to dry them) meant that she actually ended up paying more than she would have if she’d just called in the professionals.

Carpet Cleaning Services Are the Way to Go

If you were thinking about trying to save costs by cleaning your carpets yourself, consider this poor blogger’s experience.  She had to take time off work, ended up with an aching back and ankles, spent more money on the process, and ended up with carpets that weren’t as clean as they would have been if she’d hired the pros.

Wouldn’t you prefer to relax while professional services render your carpets spotless in next to no time at all, and all for less money?  If so, be sure to call Clean Care Mobile today!


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