Four Elements of Inspirational Workspaces

The environment you work in is just as important as the work you do. No matter what field they’re in, employees need to be intellectually stimulated by the office space and motivated to come back day after day.

In an Entrepreneur Magazine article about designing a better office space, Lana Borlolot explains that “what industry experts believe to work is a space that offers transparency, offers multiple choices as to how and where to work and an environment that imitates life outside the office.”

As such, we have outlined the four main elements to consider when designing inspirational office spaces.

1.     Natural Light

This practice has environmental benefits as it saves energy and it also has health benefits for everyone in the office. In his article on archlighting.com, American professor for architecture, Kevin van Wymelenberg, explains that natural light increases an individual’s level of comfort and is therefore believed to have a positive impact on their productivity. This is because it “provides the mental and visual stimulation necessary to regulate human circadian rhythms.”

2.     Open Plan

Open spaces allow for collaboration and the building of a solid team spirit. They also allow the natural light and air to flow through as much of the building as possible.

3.     Design

Innovative and attractive office design is a staple in the creative industry but it is not limited to creatives. Design can be anything from something as major as a complete overhaul and a new colour scheme to a something as mild as new paint on the walls and a few new plants.

4.     Cleanliness

Office cleaning also plays an important role in keeping the space up to standard.

Career coach and founder of Epiphany Consulting, Nomathemba Mxenge, swears by the philosophy ‘everything has its place and everything in its place’ when it comes to designing and organising a work space. “An ordered, clean, functional and aesthetically attractive workplace is key to an easy and work-friendly environment,” said Mxenge in an interview with True Love magazine.

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