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Office Cleaning Johannesburg: Clean vs Sanitised


We often talk about the importance of a clean office both for business efficiency and for health purposes. But, when we say clean, we actually mean sanitised. The truth is that these two levels of cleanliness are very distinct, and they make a big impact on your business’s productivity. And, with productivity being vital for any business, the office cleaning Johannesburg needs definitely falls on the side of sanitation.

Anyone can take a broom to the office floor and a rag to its surfaces and achieve a level of cleanliness. This will be an office that looks clean and tidy to the eye, and shows no noticeable signs of dirt. But, a sanitised office is an office that is truly fresh, spotless, and hygienic.

The difference is that sanitation is more than just cosmetic. But, what makes it so much better? Here are a few of the benefits of cleaning for sanitation:

  1. Avoidance of Cross-contamination

Wiping down everything with the same cloth can result in your just moving the contaminants from one surface to the next. But, sanitised cleaning ideally uses different cleaning items for different surfaces, ensuring that they don’t create any cross-contamination.

  1. Removal of Bacteria

Carpets which are improperly cleaned can collect a large amount of dirt and skin cells. Failure to properly remove these can result in the creation of bacteria, which leads to an unhealthy working environment. Simple vacuuming might make your carpets look clean, but it does not help to remove these health threats.

  1. Reducing Allergies

Deep-cleaning your carpets is also important for the sake of allergens. Regular vacuum cleaners are not able to remove pollen, dust, and other allergens that may affect employees in your office. However, cleaning for sanitation is able to reduce these allergens and create a more comfortable working environment.

  1. Healthy Products

It is also important to ensure that the pursuit of a sanitised office does not result in the creation of other hazards. The use of harmful chemicals, for example, can fill your office with hazardous fumes which can be harmful to breathe. In this regard, professional cleaners make sure to use cleaning products that will not place anyone at risk yet still produce a sanitised office.

Office Cleaning Johannesburg: How to Find the Best Cleaning Solutions

With the above points in mind, it is clear that sanitisation when looking for the best office cleaning Johannesburg has to offer is far better than mere cleaning. In addition to creating an environment that is pleasing to the eye, it ensures that the environment is a healthy one.

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