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Spring Means Carpet Cleaning in Johannesburg


With the official beginning of spring not very far off, now is a good time to start thinking about some serious spring cleaning. It’s time to plan a deep cleanse that gets rid of all the grime that has built up over winter. And, where is the best place to start? The obvious answer is the carpet as it is the recipient of all that winter dust and gunk. But, while spring means carpet cleaning in Johannesburg, it is important to make sure that you do it right.

While you might feel that a second lap of the vacuum cleaner is enough to constitute a real spring clean, the truth is that domestic products just don’t have the power to thoroughly clean a carpet. And, leaving a carpet dirty through spring can create a breeding ground for germs and bacteria in your home or office.

If you feel like we’re being a touch dramatic, consider the following. Here are three reasons why you should opt for professional carpet cleaning in Johannesburg this spring:

The Downsides of Domestic Carpet Cleaning

  1. Improper Cleaning

You want to clean your carpets thoroughly, but not just for the sake of being pedantic. Deep cleaning is good for multiple reasons, of which there are two primary benefits. Firstly, thorough cleaning ensures that your carpets aren’t as susceptible to wear, which makes them last longer. Secondly, deep cleaning ensures that you remove mites, allergens, germs, and other elements that might cause a health risk to your family or co-workers.

  1. Avoidable Dampness

Home carpet cleaning products tend to over-wet the carpet, which is not great for the carpet’s longevity, and can lead to another health-risk; mould. If the carpets stay wet for too long, mould can begin to form underneath the carpet, which could cause health issues without your knowledge.

  1. Improper Rinsing

Another problem with domestic carpet cleaners is that they can be insufficient when it comes to rinsing. This means that chemical cleaning products might be left behind, which is far from ideal. As well as attracting dirt, chemical residue can be very hazardous for the people (and pets) exposed to it.

Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning in Johannesburg

Domestic cleaning might seem like the easier option, but the health risks that come along with it means that it isn’t worthwhile. Plus, commercial cleaning is effortless and more affordable than you might think.

So, to make sure that your spring cleaning is easy and effective, contact Clean Care Mobile today!