Why You Need Office Cleaning Services Johannesburg

clean office creates a healthier and more productive environment for your employees, but did you know that it also has an impact on how well your business does with regards to clients? An independent study conducted by the UK’s Initial Washroom Hygiene showed that customers and clients are put off businesses if they aren’t kept clean and sanitary. So, if you ever needed proof of the importance of office cleaning services Johannesburg, this is it.

Granted, the study was conducted in the UK and we are talking about South Africa. But, there is no reason to believe that South African customers and clients would feel differently. After all, our society is very similar to that of the UK, a few cultural differences aside. With that in mind, let us take a brief look at how UK customers feel about the cleanliness of businesses, and how this affects their willingness to patronise those businesses.

Why Cleanliness Is Important for Business

The Initial study highlighted three main areas of importance, which actually cover the entire business in many cases. These are:

  1. Washroom Cleanliness

Public washrooms can be very unpleasant if improperly cleaned, so it is no wonder that this was the area which many people highlighted as the make-or-break cleanliness factor of a business. In fact, 88 percent of the people involved in the survey said that washroom cleanliness was important in them deciding whether to return to a business or not.

  1. General Cleanliness

Close behind washroom cleanliness is the cleanliness of the business in general. 82 percent of participants stated that they would only consider patronising a business if it was kept clean and sanitised. This applies to all parts of the business, making overall cleanliness very important for building strong business relationships.

  1. Staff Hygiene

Lastly, people mentioned staff hygiene as an important factor influencing their opinion of a business. Improperly washed and groomed staff members can impact negatively on the business. So, in addition to having your office professionally cleaned, it is important to encourage personal hygiene in your workplace.

Office Cleaning Services Johannesburg

If you think that you might be missing out on important business as a result of a dirty office, now is the time to rectify the situation. With highly professional and affordable services, we will quickly have your office cleaned, sanitised, and ready to impress customers.

To boost your business through cleanliness, be sure to contact Clean Care Mobile today!

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