Choose Innovative Window Cleaning Services in Sandton

Choose Innovative Window Cleaning Services in Sandton

Going the DIY route for window cleaning anywhere above the ground floor of your building is just not an option – it’s too dangerous. So, professional window cleaning services in Sandton are an absolute must. But, this leaves you with another choice: do you go the traditional route, or do you choose a service that offers innovative ideas?

To help you decide, picture this scene: you’ve just finished a stressful project that has taken a lot of time and energy to complete. You decide to look out at the city that you’ve just conquered and revel in your achievements. But, instead of seeing the deep orange sun setting over Sandton, you lock eyes with a sweaty window cleaner as he wobbles around on a suspended platform.

This doesn’t have to be your life. Your moments of glory can be enjoyed to their full potential thanks to new window cleaning technologies that require no ladders or scaffolding. Here are two options that we offer, which provide fast, effective window cleaning.

Our Safe and Advanced Window Cleaning Services in Sandton.

Water-fed Pole Window Cleaning

Instead of using ladders, which can be cumbersome and dangerous, we use carbon fibre, water-fed poles to clean windows of multi-storey buildings. As the name suggests, these are sturdy yet light poles which feed water from the ground to the cleaning brushes at their tips.

These are able to reach an impressive 7 storeys high, ensuring that buildings under this height can be cleaned from the ground to the roof. And, to make this system even more impressive, it uses only filtered water and no chemicals, thus preserving the environment while giving you incredibly clear, streak-free windows.

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