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Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg: What Causes Carpet Stains to Reappear?


It’s quite a common occurrence: you’re holding a drink over your carpet and someone bumps you or your trip, or you get a fright and throw your drink everywhere. In any case, the end result is always the same; coloured, stainable liquid all over your carpet. You rush to clean it up before it sets, and do a decent job. But then, a few days later, the stain seems to re-emerge. As suppliers of the carpet cleaning Johannesburgloves, we’ve heard this story (or versions of it) many, many times.

But, why does this happen? After all, if you clean the stain right away, how does it have the power to return after a few days? Well, there are actually a couple of reasons for this. Let’s take a look at the main causes of magically reappearing stains and what you can do to avoid them.

What Causes Stains to Reappear?

The reappearance of stains can occur for a number of reasons, but there are two main culprits for this phenomenon. These are:

  1. Wicking

‘Wicking’ is often used to describe types of fabric used for sportswear, and sometimes cloth nappies. It refers to the ability of the fabric to move moisture through its fibres (usually away from the skin and towards the outside of the garment). The same principle applies to carpets that absorb a spill.

The liquid of the spill can easily sink down to the base of the carpet, sometimes being held by the backing. You might clean the fibres on the top side of the carpet, making the stain appear to be eliminated. But, over the next few days, the fabric pulls the liquid from the backing up into the fibres once more, making the stain reappear.

  1. Latency

Latency refers to the actual consistency of a spill remaining after the colour has been washed away. For example, if you were to spill a soft drink or a sugary cup of coffee on your carpet and then clean it right away, the colour of the drink might be removed from the carpet while the sugar might remain, creating a sticky residue. Over the next couple of days, this residue could trap dirt and dust, making it seem as if the stain is reappearing.

Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg: How to Stop Stains Reappearing

Should you accidentally spill anything on your carpet, your first step should be to clean it as thoroughly as you can with non-harmful cleaning products. Next, place a few sheets of paper towel down over the stain, and place something flat and heavy over the top. This will ensure that you absorb as much of the resident moisture as possible.

This next step is important: call in some professional carpet cleaners as soon as possible. With specialised equipment, the pros have the best chance of being able to draw the moisture from the base of your carpet and make sure that no sticky residue is left behind.

This will protect your carpets from both wicking and dirt collection, and keep that pesky stain from reappearing!