Office Cleaning: How Often Should You Bring in Cleaning Services?

clean office means healthy and focused employees, so you know it’s important to keep your workspace spotless. But, exactly how much cleaning does that entail? Do you need to bring in office cleaning services on a daily basis, or are weekly or even monthly sessions enough?

The truth is that different parts of the office need more or less attention. Carpet cleaning, for example, doesn’t need to be carried out daily. Cleaning the toilets, however, is something that should definitely be done regularly, if not daily.

So, to help you decide how often you need the services of a office cleaning company, we have prepared a brief guide to the parts of your office that need cleaning, and how often.

How Often Do You Need Office Cleaning?

As we mentioned, there are some parts of your office that need more frequent cleaning than others. The following should help you decide what to clean daily, weekly, and monthly:

Daily Cleaning

  • For starters, empty all the rubbish bins and see if the bins themselves need cleaning.
  • Clean the surfaces in the kitchen and any eating areas you may have in your office.
  • Dust all surfaces and wipe down equipment like monitors, keyboards, phones, and chairs.
  • Vacuum the carpets if they need it.
  • Mop the floors in the kitchen and bathroom, and be sure to re-stock things like kitchen towels and toilet rolls.
  • Clean bathroom items that come into contact with your employees’ hands, such as the basins, hand dryers, and door handles, making them sanitary.
  • Sanitise the toilets and the urinals.

Weekly Cleaning

  • Clean the inside windows and any mirrors, though this can be done more often if they generate marks easily.
  • Check the walls for marks and cobwebs and clean them accordingly.
  • Vacuum all the carpets and buff any hardwood floors you have.
  • Polish all of the wooden furniture in the office.
  • Clean kitchen appliances like the microwave, toaster, and even the fridge.

Monthly Cleaning

  • Do some thorough carpet cleaning.
  • Have the outside windows cleaned.
  • Vacuum all furniture made of fabric.
  • Polish any wooden floors you have in the office.

Bring in a Cleaning Company for Stress-Free Cleaning

Doing all of this cleaning yourself might cost you a lot of time and disrupt your employees. But, if you bring in professionals, you can accomplish all of the above quickly and with minimal disruption.

At Clean Care Mobile we are happy to work around your schedule. We can come in before, during, or after office hours, or even over the weekends if it is better for you.

So, for a hassle-free cleaning experience that keeps your office fresh and your staff happy, contact us today!

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