Carpet Cleaning: Tips for a Spotless Carpet

At Clean Care Mobile we offer some of the finest carpet cleaning Roodepoort has available, so we know what it takes to keep a carpet in good condition. The first step is, of course, to deep clean your carpets regularly using reliable and renowned services.

But, it isn’t always viable to bring in carpet cleaners the second you spill anything – even if they are the most efficient cleaning services Johannesburg has to offer. So, what do you do in order to keep your carpets looking clean and fresh in between visits from the professionals? Well, we have a few tips for you.

Carpet Cleaning Roodepoort: Top Tips for Keeping Your Carpets Spotless

  1. Vacuum Regularly

Carpets are a bit like clothes in that they need regular cleaning in order to last. Allowing dust to settle into your carpet not only makes it look less appealing but it attracts dust mites. These can lead to your carpet deteriorating faster than it should, making frequent vacuuming a necessity.

  1. Don’t Let Spills Sit

It is far easier to get stains out of your carpet if you attend to them straight away. If you attack them when they are fresh, you’ll find that you can get a lot of stains out using only water or mild soap.

  1. Don’t Rub, Just Blot

Rubbing only makes stains worse. Instead, try blotting. This involves just dabbing the stain lightly with a cloth. In order to stop the stain spreading, start at the outer edges and work inwards.

  1. Use Household Items to Clean Spills

If you don’t have any specialised cleaners, there are a few items from around the house that work quite well. One commonly-known stain remover is soda water. Vinegar is another good one, especially if mixed with soda water.

Shaving cream is another household product that works quite well. Spray it onto the stain and let it sit for about half an hour, then dab away the excess with a clean, white cloth. Finally, mix one part vinegar with one part water and use it to wipe away the excess shaving cream.

Use Professional Cleaning for Spotless Carpets

These tips will certainly help keep your carpets in good condition and help keep stains to a minimum. But, in order to give your carpets the best chance of staying fresh and spotless, you should certainly deep clean your carpets regularly.

At Clean Care Mobile we offer excellent carpet cleaning services, and at highly affordable rates. So, to make sure your carpets stay at their best, give us a call today!

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