Office Cleaning Services Johannesburg: Where Your Office Germs Live

Germs certainly do live in the obvious places of your office. The bathrooms and kitchen, for example, are recognizable spots for bacteria to flourish. But, there are plenty of other spots for germs to thrive around your workplace. And, if you aren’t using the finest office cleaning services Johannesburg has to offer, you may be making it easy for bacteria to multiply and diminish the health of your employees.

But, what is so much better about professional cleaners? Well, aside from having the correct tools and techniques when it comes to cleaning, we know exactly where all the germs are hiding in your office. Here are some places in your office that you might not think need cleaning, but are in fact breeding grounds for bacteria:

Sneaky Hiding Spots for Germs in an Office

  1. Phones, Keyboards, and Mice

Office desks tend to get a wipe every so often, even if just by the employees that use them. But, when they do, they often lift their phones, keyboards, and mice and wipe underneath them. These items, however, can harbour a lot of bacteria. After all, they are in contact with your employees’ hands all day.

Recent research has indicated that a computer keyboard can host up to three times more bacteria than a toilet seat, and this is easily passed on to the other items on a desk.

  1. Switches

Switches might be even bigger hotspots for bacteria in your office. This is because they are in contact with more employees throughout the course of the day. While a telephone, keyboard, and mouse is generally only touched by one employee, light switches can potentially be touched by every employee in the office. This means that bacteria can easily transfer from one person to the next.

And, it’s not just light switches that are the culprits. Air-conditioner switches, Wi-Fi reset buttons, printers, and even TV remotes can harbour large amounts of bacteria.

  1. Watercooler

The tank of your office watercooler might be sanitised, but the controls certainly aren’t. Like switches, watercooler taps are touched by a lot of different people throughout the course of the day. This can easily lead to the spreading of bacteria throughout the office.

  1. Ventilation System

If your office has a ventilation system, it needs regular cleaning. Without it, bacteria can start to flourish and then be transferred around the office. A dirty ventilation system can easily be the reason for your entire staff experiencing a drop in health.

Office Cleaning Services Johannesburg

If you are cleaning your office yourself, it is easy to overlook certain parts. And, unfortunately, these parts can harbour a large amount of germs and bacteria.

The best way to avoid this is to bring in the professionals. We know exactly what parts of the office need attention, and we have the right equipment to ensure a sterile, hygienic workplace.

To get started on the road to a cleaner, healthier office, contact Clean Care Mobile today!

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