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Office Cleaners: Top Tips for Promoting Tidy Employees


If you have your professional office cleaners come in before or after hours, your staff members never see them. This is great for ensuring that your office productivity is never affected, but it also means that some of your employees might start believing in magical cleaning elves, which can lead them to being a little careless when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of the office.

A cluttered, messy office can decrease morale and add stress to your employees, so it’s a good idea to promote a culture in your office that sees the office being left (almost) as clean as it’s found every day.

But, how do you do this? We have a few tips that might help!

How to Create a Tidy Office: Advice from Professional Office Cleaners 

  1. Tidy Fridays

If your employees are busy chasing deadlines, stopping work to clean the office is going to be at the bottom of their to-do lists. That is, unless you make it part of the office culture. If your office cleaners come in mid- week, have everyone stop work an hour early on Friday and tidy up the office. This will ensure it stays tidy up until the next visit from your cleaning services.

  1. Make Use of Downtime

Fortunately load-shedding is behind us, but we do still experience irregular power outages and internet downtime. Instead of having your employees sit around a twiddle their thumbs in these situations, take advantage of the situation and have them do some impromptu cleaning.

  1. Make Tidying Convenient

People are much more motivated to keep areas clean if it’s easy. If an employee has to walk right across the office building to throw something away, he or she might leave it on their desk until they have another reason to walk that far. If, however, there is a bin within a few steps, they are more likely to throw it away on the spot.

  1. Reward Tidiness

Little incentives certainly help people make more effort, and there’s no reason this has to only apply to business performance. You could offer a weekly or monthly reward for the employee with the tidiest work area.

  1. Go Green

Plants increase productivity and decrease stress and sickness. So, they’re good to have around the office. But a handy little side-effect is that they require a small amount of care. You could take advantage of this by giving each employee a pot plant. If an employee has to tend to his or her plant every few days, it is a good excuse to give their desk a little tidy as well.

Professional Office Cleaners Are a Must

These tips can help increase the level of tidiness in your office, but they won’t ensure that your office stays sterile and hygienic. For this, you need to bring in the professionals. So, while promoting cleanliness amongst your staff is a great idea, don’t forget to call in professional office cleaners on a regular basis.