Cleaning Services Johannesburg: Industry Predictions for 2018

As the New Year pushes us even further into the age of technological innovation, many industries are looking to the future and trying to predict what changes will be coming their way. And, though you might think that professional cleaning is a very straightforward service, our industry will also be surging forward. While you can still count on being able to access the finest office and carpet cleaning Roodepoort has to offer, there are many exciting changes that 2018 will bring to the cleaning industry.


Here is what you can expect to sweep the cleaning industry on a large scale this year:


Cleaning Services Johannesburg: What Changes Will 2018 Bring?


  1. Green(er) Cleaning

As the world grows more and more concerned with environmental conservation, look for many industries to start changing the way they operate. The cleaning industry, which many might unfortunately associate with harmful chemicals, will certainly be changing its approach as well.Many leading cleaning companies already offer green cleaning, but you can expect this number to increase as we head towards the end of the decade. Safer, healthier cleaning will certainly be something that companies want, so it will become much more prevalent this year.


  1. Automation

As we mentioned, we are in the midst of a technological revolution that is producing some fantastic innovations. Look for this spirit of innovation to filter into industries that are commonly thought to be fairly elementary. The cleaning industry will find ways to use automation in order to keep its workers safer. One such example is the use of robotics in order to ensure that window cleaners no longer have to scale high buildings.


  1. Specialist Cleaning

While it is important to be diverse in service offerings, look for cleaning services to offer more specialised services in 2018. The offering of specific services is a trend across numerous industries nowadays, and is no longer reserved for medical professionals.Workers from marketers to tattoo artists have specific niches, and this attracts customers looking for the best service specific to their needs. So, expect the best cleaners to showcase their skills by offering specialist cleaning services.


  1. Tailor-Made Solutions

With the internet making remote work possible, the idea of a strict 9 to 5 office is melting away and companies are displaying more flexible working windows. The best cleaning companies will adapt to this by offering tailor-made cleaning packages that are created around their clients’ specific needs. This way, businesses can operate at unconventional hours and still receive cleaning service that doesn’t compromise their processes.


Office and Carpet Cleaning Roodepoort


If you are looking for a cleaning company that can help move your business into a new era through its own innovation, you’ve come to the right place. At Clean Care Mobile we already employ all of the trends listed above, meaning that we’re ahead of the curve.


We offer green cleaning, automation in the form of robotic window cleaners, specialist cleaning in the form of mattress and Persian rug cleaning, and packages that are tailor-made to suit your needs. So, to enjoy the services of a company that that is committed to cutting-edge technology and caring customer service, contact us today!

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