How green is your world and your environment?


We understand the needs and sentiments of clients, and with so many companies moving towards a more sustainable and socially-aware approach to how they run their businesses, we have come up with an eco-friendly cleaning way of doing things for this very reason.


We are an eco-friendly cleaning company:


We realise that there are numerous businesses and organisations that are taking the eco-friendly route, and have stepped up to the mark by supplying a mobile cleaning service that is largely eco-friendly.


With so many companies adopting environmentally-friendly policies, as well as actions and plans that are environmentally-friendly; we have gone the extra mile to keep up this good work and incorporate green cleaning practices.


Through extensive research, products, and equipment being tested, some eco-friendly solutions have been implemented – these include:


Colour-coded cloths are allocated to certain tasks minimising cross contamination.


Hard surfaces are cleaned with mops that are labelled accordingly and fitted with micro-fibre cloths.

Vacuuming ensures deep-cleaning and removes the finest dust mites, reducing allergies.


Nice to know is that carpets are cleaned with biodegradable cleaning products and water that is filtered for enhanced efficiency.


We are an eco-friendly company and take greening our environment seriously.


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