First impressions are lasting, make no bones about it, and what better way to make these first impressions than with a sparkling clean home or office environment, that will draw attention to spotlessly clean surroundings in the home or work?


Conversely, grubby windows, carpets and curtains tell an entirely different story.


Furthermore, dirty carpets and upholstery harbour nasty bugs and dust, look unprofessional, and give off an aura of being inefficient and not on top of your game.


Additionally, if not cleaned regularly, your carpets won’t wear well because sand and grime will be rubbed into the fibres underfoot, particularly in heavy traffic areas, shortening the lifespan of the carpet and also of your furniture.


If you find that you are too busy to remember to call the carpet and upholstery cleaners – the experts that clean your home and office in a safe manner.


Mark it off on your calendar and put a reminder in your phone to remember to have these done – you will be pleased you did.

A clean environment, sparkling windows and dust-free upholstery makes a good impression, and if it is a first impression, this will have a lasting effect, as well as preserving your furniture and carpets.

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