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Colours can have amazing effects on the psychological well-being of your employees, which is great for productivity.  But, don’t choose colours purely for this effect – weigh up your choices against cleanliness.  Choosing hypnotic colours for the men’s bathroom, for example, could see a few fellows staring, open-mouthed, at the walls while drifting casually off target.  Or pristine white floors could generate scuff marks that even the most professional office cleaners can’t conquer.

So, while productivity is important, it’s just as important to choose a practical colour palette for your office.  But, we’re not going to leave it at that.  In order to help you best decide which colours serve both purposes, we’ll take a look at a few classic colours now.

Advice from Professional Office Cleaners

Some colours are easier to clean than others, and some colours create a better working environment.  But, you shouldn’t base your choice of office colour scheme on one alone.  Here are some tips on finding a happy medium, colour by colour:

  1. White

White is the most sanitary-looking colour, but it isn’t great for offices.  It marks easily, which means it can get quite grubby in between visits from your office cleaners.  And, while it gives the appearance of being fresh and light, it can be quite boring to look at.  Plus, it might remind some employees of their dentists’ offices.  If you want to use white in your office, it might be best kept in kitchens and bathrooms.

  1. Black

Black is great for keeping clean, but you don’t want to paint your whole office black as it can suck all of the light out of the area.  A dark, dingy office can be depressing and decrease productivity greatly.  That being said, black can look great in moderation.  Perhaps use it as accents in rooms, or use black tiles for the floor of a white kitchen.

  1. Blue

Blue is a great colour for your office.  It soothes the body and mind, inspiring relaxation while boosting thought processes.  It also promotes an air of cleanliness, just by its association with water.  So, if you’re unsure what colour to use, blue is a fantastic choice.

  1. Yellow

Yellow is great for offices because it inspires teamwork and happiness.  It also makes people hungry, which might be a slight side-effect.  However, being a light colour, it can show the dirt quite easily.  So, if you want to use yellow in your office, perhaps keep it on the walls and away from the floors.

Office Cleaners You Can Count on 

Of course, these are just some guidelines.  You’re free to choose any colour that you like for your office, and put it wherever you like.  And, just so you’re confident to get creative, we’ll always be here to tackle the spills and keep your office looking spotless, regardless of its palette.

Image credit: http://interfacedesignspace.com/colours-from-floor-to-ceiling-the-nti-head-office-in-leiden/

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