Window Cleaning: Ensuring Maximum Safety for Rope Access Technicians

As Jozi’s city skyline grows ever taller and its architecture evolves, one is met with a sea of gleaming glass buildings in almost every direction – windows that require cleaning on a regular basis by highly skilled teams of rope access technicians.

The job of a rope access technician is classified as high risk, because of the increased danger of falling or dropping equipment which can injure people on the ground. It is for this reason that companies that offer window cleaning services to high rise buildings must ensure the optimal health and safety of their staff by following all necessary procedures. In addition, the service provider should be accredited by the IWH (Institute of Working at Height).

At CCM, this includes ensuring that any equipment used for

is of the finest quality to guarantee the technicians are protected. Furthermore, the equipment is inspected at the start of every job to ensure that nothing is damaged and that everything is in optimal working order.

That said, health and safety procedures start way before staff working at height don their equipment and scale the building. Training is essential and is offered at three different levels (Rope access level 1, 2, and 3) by accredited service providers. Training consists of teaching the individual how to manoeuvre on the rope as well as how to perform emergency procedures. Moreover, working at height requires the technician to be medically fit.

Before the work starts, the site must undergo a risk assessment where possible hazards are identified, managed and eliminated. “It is imperative to remove potential safety risks and ensure that the staff who are performing what can be a dangerous job are safe and protected,” says Byron Tambellini, Healthy and Safety Officer at CCM.

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