Facilities Management Predictions for 2019

Being a successful facilities manager in 2019 is mostly about keeping up with current trends which become obvious as the year unfolds; suffice to say, some trends are far more difficult to spot than others. 

Three facilities management predictions for 2019 that are all-important include: 

  • Flexibility in the workspace 

Many businesses are leaning towards a less traditional way of working and are encouraging a culture of “working where and when you want”, provided the end result is satisfactory. 

Experts predict that offices with flexibility to work anywhere either in or out the traditional office is trending in 2019. Employees feel that flexible hours have a more constructive effect and that working remotely impacts positively on teams both in and out of the office. 

Facility managers have come to the realisation that creating a welcoming work environment, now more so than ever before, encourages efficiency and productivity. 

  • There is a definite focus on Energy Efficiency in businesses in 2019 

Buildings are becoming “greener” in line with LEED certification and leaning towards being more energy efficient and sustainable. 

New (and old) buildings that are being built are adding more energy efficient products into facilities such as solar energy, electric charging stations in the parking lot, LED lights and more which will result in lower operating costs for the owners of buildings. 

  • Predicting using software for work orders 

Going paperless is trending in 2019 – paperwork orders is certainly no exception. Real-time work order management software (CMMS) can be a huge advantage for facility managers as they are great for accurately keep track of work orders and managing these in real time. 

Although some facility managers are taking advantage of CMMS technology, many are still electing spreadsheets or paper reporting. 

Facilities management is a continuously evolving function and staying on top of trends in 2019 is what facilities managers should strive for. 

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