Pest Control During Winter – Bugs Out!

While there’s less chance of encountering pesky insects such as mosquitoes and house flies during the winter months; the cold weather drives many other creatures seeking warmth and shelter indoors. That said, there are a few winter pest control measures you can put in place. Regular fumigation of homes and workspaces will ensure pests are kept at bay.

When to fumigate

Regular pest control undertaken by a professional company will protect against crawling and flying insects, rodents and even snakes. Large premises such as hotels and offices should be fumigated monthly, whilst domestic residences should be done on a quarterly basis. Bed bugs are present in every home and therefore mattresses should also be professionally cleaned on a regular basis.  It is important to ensure that pest control is non-toxic and harmless to the environment. As a precautionary measure; animals, pregnant women, and children should be kept away from the area during the fumigation process.

Tips for making your home less attractive to insects and rodents

Similar to hibernation, many insects are inactive during winter because of a process known as diapause. Others, however, will migrate to seek shelter and warmth inside. The following tips will make spaces less attractive to rodents and insects seeking a safe place to spend the winter months:   

  • Seal off any holes outside buildings where rats, mice, and insects may be able to gain access  
  • Check inside cupboards, cabinets and skirting boards for cracks that could make safe hiding places for pests  
  • The moist conditions created by compost heaps and wood piles provide an ideal haven for insect life. These should be made in free-standing piles, away from walls.  
  • Rats and mice are frequent winter visitors. To avoid infestations, clean out gutters, as these are common places for them to build their nests. 
  • Store garden refuse away from homes and buildings before disposal, these attract rodents. 
  • Indoor clutter is another favourite for rats and mice, these provide them with handy material for their nests – so try to make your environment as clutter free as possible. 
  • Often rodents and insects gain indoor access via cracks around pipes, these should be sealed off with steel wool.   


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