8 Trending Menus in 2019

What’s hot and what’s not on your menu this year? This year catering trends highlight old favourites and new ingredients to satisfy the fussiest palates. 

For those that love to try out a little bit here and a little bit there, food service tables will prove to be a somewhat pleasant experience. Whether it is a futuristic culinary masterpiece of all-consuming inventories of ancient herbs and spices or whether it is about grains that go back in time; there is plenty of variety for gastronomes to sink their teeth into. 

  • Futuristic dishes and wistful creations are trending; a good example is nostalgic-flavoured cereal milk with alcohol! Cocoa Puffs with Vodka and Cinnamon Toast with Spiced Rum are making a statement on grown-up’s all-day breakfast menus 
  • Traditional wedding cake slices are being replaced with customised ice cream stations, exotic fruit trees, doughnut towers, and more 
  • Food service technologies are being introduced into the catering business, too – these include electronic tracking, inventory tracking, managing reservations digitally, and other systems that assist in streamlining menu selections as well as digital ordering processes 
  • The latest in restaurant technology introduces advanced facial recognition software that tracks consumer ordering histories and dish preferences, delivering a more personalised and pleasing dining experience 
  • The food and beverage industry is also evolving to cater for the growing demand for menu selections that accommodate a wide range of restricted and specialty diets such as plant-based dishes and ingredients and recipes that meet the needs of customers who follow vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and fat-free diets 
  • Say goodbye to plastics and non-biodegradable catering supplies and cookware; instead say hello to eco-friendly, clean-and-green catering practices that preserve the planet 
  • Large helpings and platters packed with a smorgasbord of foods are out and the minimalist look is in, featuring clean lines and neat plates with one-bite hors d’oeuvres and miniature everything 
  • Bread is also making a comeback in 2019 – speciality breads made from ancient grains or from no grains at all, and gluten-free, preservative-free flours produced from legumes, nuts, seeds, cereals, pseudo-cereals, and fermented sourdoughs are high on many of today’s menus 

Most importantly, when the event you are hosting is unforgettable no matter what’s on the menu, your catering business will be memorable as well. 

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