Professional Carpet Cleaning: Johannesburg

When it comes to carpet cleaning, a daily round with the vacuum cleaner is simply not enough to ensure the longevity of your carpets – not to mention the overall cleanliness of your building. Professional carpet cleaning is an absolute must to ensure the utmost levels of cleanliness, as well as a number of other important benefits.

For starters, caring for your carpets correctly by having them professionally cleaned at least four times a year will ensure their life is prolonged. Dirt trapped in carpets will eventually break down and destroy the fibres which will lead to discolouration and destructionof the carpet. Professional cleaners have the necessary expertise, equipment and materials to ensure that carpet does not need to be replaced before it should be a result of normal wear and tear.

Moreover, professional cleaners are able to treat and protect carpets without the use of harmful chemicals,treat stains without damaging fibres, eliminate odours and advise on how best to manage high traffic areas. The use of inferior cleaning products and machinery can result in unsightly spot marks on surfaces; while professional carpet cleaners provide a guarantee on their workmanship in the unlikely event that any damage occurs.

Professional carpet cleaning also plays an instrumental role in terms of maintaining the health of employees. Not only is dust and dirt linked to carpet damage, it also has a part to playing ‘sick building syndrome’ and the spread of germs and allergies.

The bulk of the dust embedded in carpets through normal daily use is brought in from the outdoorsor is blown in via open windows.Scrubbing this dust, or even vacuuming it transforms it intosolid particles that can become allergens.

There are various types of professional carpet cleaning methods available, and the decision around which method is best will depend on the type of surface, amount of traffic and the unique needs of your workspace.

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