Forward Thinking Catering in 2019 I Clean Care Mobile
Lady Chef in Uniform Presenting Food with chefs behind her

Forward-thinking catering translates into more organic-centric dishes this year; fresh is in and fried is out. Today’s catering is all about plant-based proteins, sustainable meats, and the notion of “conscious consumption” walking away with first prize. Mindful menus are now the rage in 2019. 

Starters have become rather simple affairs with the presentation being more streamlined and minimalistic, regardless of budget and absolutely anything that is disposable needs to be able to break down and should be compostable as every little step towards saving our planet is what caterers feel really matters. 

Fresh and unassuming is the new mantra with surplus garnishing being minimal. Furthermore, remember that local is “lekker” and organically-produced local food should be the hero of your daily menu. Doing away with messy food and keeping it plain, fresh and simple and cleaner is what caterers are now striving towards. 

The growing number of millennials with dietary and culinary preferences are leaning towards local, artisanal fare with an increase in dietary considerations – caterers are now creating new and innovative dishes and menus this year, incorporating lactose- and gluten-free as well as other vegan options to suit the palates of everyone.  

The new trend of coming directly from the farm to the table is now making an appearance everywhere with healthy being the hero of the day and unhealthy food coming in last place.  

Forward-thinking catering in 2019 is fresh, eco-friendly and healthy with deep-fried, greasy unhealthy options now taking a back seat.