Without the help of facility maintenance software, it is no secret that the task of managing facilities and buildings would be a rather onerous affair. 

This would mean that facilities managers often wing it or use the old paper trail method of pouring over spreadsheets, wasting time and therefore money. 

Undocumented knowledge often leads to problems arising in the long run, especially when one team takes over from a previous facilities management team. 

Existing paper-based work orders have the potential of either getting lost or being duplicated. Suffice to say, automation is the key to the future success of buildings being maintained correctly where the assets that need to be serviced on a regular basis are documented into the right facilities software – they will automatically alert facilities management to the relevant information when work has to be created. 

Automation is the key to future success of facilities and buildings. Rather than team members wasting time searching for information on the assets that need to be serviced in a facility, these systems will automatically surface when a work order is created. 

How Drones can impact positively on Facilities Management 

Drones are a brilliant, modern innovation that will improve the efficiency in the management of facilities. The biggest plus factor in using drones is in the automation and safety sectors. 

Roof inspections after unfavourable weather conditions can be coordinated in groups eliminating the necessity of team members having to climb onto roofs to document any damages incurred. 

Technology is indeed the future of facilities management; the necessary tools will make a huge, positive impact on the way that buildings are being managed and monitored in a world where technology is king 

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