A Guide to Outsourcing Your Facilities Management

Outsourcing Facilities Management is More Than Saving Money

Facilities Management: The desire to outsource facilities management is no longer about saving money only – it is also about enhancing and embracing the employee and customer experience. By outsourcing your facilities management, the focus for your in-house teams would be to get on with the task at hand. 

The decision to use outside vendors shouldn’t be an unpleasant reaction because it is important for leaders and managers in the workplace to understand what the reason for outsourcing facilities management is. In every change in the workplace, there will always be positives and negatives.  

Here we discuss what it is that drives leaders to outsource facilities management: 

  • Outsourcing facilities management is more than saving on costs alone – it is about focusing on creating a more flexible working environment where the spaces that are leased and how these spaces are maintained come into play. It is no secret that staff are increasingly working remotely and that spaces are used in a different manner 
  • It is the task of the facilities manager to meet these changing and flexible demands of the flexible workspace, where outsourcing these services can go a long way in making the work environment a more enjoyable experience for all 
  • It is important that your facilities management service provider acts as an extension of your existing team, although the big plus factor is that these facilities management teams are trained, and their processes are already in place such as technology that could carry out tasks with great efficiency 
  • The result is often that these teams can carry out tasks far more efficiently and faster than your teams  
  • If your company is in the process of expanding, particularly in other areas, it might be sensible to choose a facilities management team close to the new facility (this is far more practical than trying to spread your staff even thinner than they already are) 
  • There is far more than meets the eye than fresh flowers and sparkling bathrooms – fitness centres, canteens, WiFi stations and other amenities are becoming the norm rather than the exception 
  • Enhancing the employee experience enhances productivity 

Although the saving of costs might not be the only focus for outsourcing a facilities management service provider – it still plays an important role. Because your outsourced facilities manager has more experience and the right contacts, this could save your company exponentially in the long-term, which makes it a win-win set up for everyone  

Cost savings might be the primary reason to use an outside company for your facilities management, but it’s still one of the most inspiring reasons to outsource this service. benefits. Using outside vendors usually come with more experience in some areas, plus the added advantage is that they usually have connections and contacts to more resources, and they can offer best practices that they’ve fine-tuned over time, which can help you keep costs at bay. 

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