Make Money by Tidying Up Your Office Space

It is quite easy to make money by tidying up your office space, and bear in mind that a tidy desk means a tidy mind. 

You will be able to double up the productivity in the office by getting rid of clutter, plus you can turn the office junk into cash. Perhaps you can use the proceeds for a terrific end-of-year function for your staff members or even donate the money to a worthy cause of your choosing.  

The numerous platforms to sell stuff will get all those “useless” items moving. Whether you have an old PC or a fax machine you no longer use – remember that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Gumtree, Facebook’s Marketplace, OLX or even emailing friends with photos and descriptions of the items for sale could assist in transforming all that “junk” into hard cash. Any excess furniture in the office should be sold off or donated to a good cause to keep the area clutter-free.  

Start by cleaning out and organising your desktop. Put everything away whether it is online or physically; your computer desktop and desk should be clutter-free to enable you to think clearly. 

Only keep what you need, and a couple of inspirational sayings or calm pictures will assist in keeping your mind tranquil and clear. 

Production levels will be elevated when your office space is improved, clutter-free and clean. Energy will soon begin to flow freely, and you and your staff members will be able to concentrate more easily enabling goals to be achieved more readily. 

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