A No-Spend Challenge for the Office

A No-Spend Challenge for the Office: It might seem that the expenses of running an office are cast in stone, but there are ways and means of cutting corners and putting money back into your pocket. 

Facilities managers are aware of these cost-cutting methods by implementing certain software programmes to ensure offices are run smoothly, thus saving money. 

Get your office teammates involved in a no-spend challenge for a period and watch the pennies add up. 

Cut back on utilities 

This is a big one. Utilities can prove to be a major cost – arrange for your utility to audit exactly how much you spend on water and lights which will show you where you can save. Plug PCs and other machines such as faxes and photocopiers into a strip which can be switched off when everyone goes home – these electrical devices are power vampires that chew up electricity even when the machines are switched off. 

Outsource wherever you can   

 The professionals know best – whether it is printing reams of documents or keeping your office clean – think about using a professional service to assist with the nuts and bolts of running your office, freeing you up to do what matters most. Running errands wastes time and money, too, therefore, use a courier service to assist. The overall cost is usually cheaper. 

Ditch the bricks and mortar 

 Small companies should look at the option of ditching the bricks and mortar and work remotely instead. This will all depend on what your business does. 

 The bartering system of trading work for items or services could also save you in the long term. 

 Get rid of unnecessary machines 

By getting rid of your printer, you save money on ink and paper. Load anything you want printed on a USB and take it to your local printers. 

Healthy employees equal less downtime 

Encourage healthy eating and get everyone to pack healthy lunches instead of eating junk food.  

Phone lines are becoming redundant 

You don’t need your Telkom line if you have an alternative option for your internet. Skyping and Zooming for live meetings, in any event, have taken the place of old-style phones.  

Technology is awesome – we need to take full advantage of all that is on offer and save money at the same time. It will be an interesting exercise to see where your teammates can offer advice and challenge everyone to a no-spend period, putting money back into the business. 

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