8 Ideas for Choosing & Taking Care of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are good for you – period! People that work in office environments will benefit on many fronts when plants are introduced into the workspace. Not only are plants easy on the eye, but they can improve the very air that employees breathe in (one plant per every 10 square metres is a good barometer). 

The big question here is – which plants should be chosen and are right for the office environment and how does one keep office plants alive and thriving? Everyone is thinking green in today’s polluted world, and energy-efficiency is a big word that deserves a place in our working lives.  

Listed here are eight clever pointers for choosing and taking care of indoor office plants 

  • Plants like light – not necessarily direct sunlight but a light, bright, airy position in which to thrive, and the more natural, the better 
  • As your plants grow, they will become pot-bound and root-bound. Plant them in the garden as soon as this happens or transplant them into a larger pot 
  • Many plants are not happy with artificial light – but others are fine in these environments 
  • Nothing survives without water – don’t forget to water your office plants 
  • Overwatering plants is as bad for them as not watering them at all 
  • Plants, like people, need food to thrive. Feed your office plants from time to time as they won’t get the necessary nutrients from outside soil (a teaspoon of Epson Salts works well) 
  • Dead and neglected, dusty pot plants don’t exude the right image for your business 
  • Large offices usually have many pot plants – taking care of them can be a lot of work. Why not use a facilities management team to take care of your plants from watering to feeding them? 

Treat your plants gently and with respect. There is no need to empty coffee and tea into the soil or stub out nasty cigarettes in the pots. Plants add to any atmosphere – enjoy them and take care of them, and if all else fails, get a professional facilities management company to take care of the finer details if everyone is too busy creating a profitable business. 

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