5 Steps to Take in Preparation for Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets will give them a whole new lease on life. There are a couple of steps you should take to make this task fuss-free and user-friendly. 

Here are five tips to take to ensure your carpet cleaning runs smoothly  

  • Always vacuum your carpets before they are deep cleaned by a professional company such as Clean Care Mobile (CCM). CCM will offer to vacuum your carpets before they are deep cleaned 
  • Clarify the furniture that will have to be moved and those bits that can remain where they are 
  • Clean Care Mobile will be able to furnish you with the relevant information regarding moving furniture on your behalf 
  • Curtains need to be pinned out of the way if they are floor-length 
  • Any sensitive equipment needs to be mentioned to your cleaning company 

Additionally, it is important to point out any flaws or stains that are on the carpets to your service provider. 

Take your carpet cleaning service provider on a tour of your offices, paying attention to areas that are covered by furniture and take into consideration the patterns of foot traffic throughout the area – this way CCM will be able to focus on high-volume traffic areas. 

Success is guaranteed only when you make use of professionals well-versed in carpet cleaning. 


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