5 Smart Tips Will Keep Your Office Clutter-Free and Clean in 2020

Marie Kondo has the answers to decluttering your space. She is the guru of tidying up and will show you, too, how you can spark joy in the work environment (an otherwise dull environment), by making your office space clutter-free.

  • Use the cloud for photos, passwords and projects that are collaborative – sift through documents every day to clarify whether you would like to keep that document or share it in the cloud. This is especially pertinent for hard copies 
  • The whole point of tidying up is to be happy – having a little clutter is not bad especially if you are a creative soul. The general idea of tidying up is to create spaces that make you happy your way and that are natural to you 
  • Discard any manuals and warranties that are no longer pertinent to the devices you use at work. This is also true for material that you kept from courses that you no longer need 
  • What’s left on the desk? Do the items spark something in you that you might have overlooked? Sort through these and discover the passion in the objects you’ve kept 
  • Never be afraid to rid of books or things you are not ready to read or enjoy – if you feel sad getting rid of the item you can always get another (digital books are all the rage and save plenty of space) 

Tidying up has a certain kind of magic – you will reap the rewards especially at work.  You can also contact a facilities management company to do this for you.  

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