Make the New Year one that is organised and well-run – CCM (Clean Care Mobile) should be your obvious facilities company that will make a difference. We are the cleaning genies that will make a difference to your office space and take care of your office environment so that you can return to work in January bright-eyed and bushytailed to tackle the coming year. 

Outsource your cleaning and the maintenance of your office in the New Year, as this will make for a great beginning and fresh start. Before you make that fresh start, cleaning the office before closing for the holidays will ensure that there is no mess, no clutter and no dirt to concern yourself with when you return in the New Year.  

By implementing these three tips for that new start, you will be on the right track: 

  • Call in the professionals to assist. Cleaning an entire office space takes plenty of effort and muscle power; therefore, one individual won’t be able to do this on their own. A professional cleaning company will have a team of cleaners that will be able to tackle the task as they will know precisely what needs to be done in a busy office environment 
  • Each to his or her own – every individual in the office is responsible for his or her own space. They need to tidy up their workstations before going on leave. Before the team of professionals arrive to clean up, every staff member should have all hands on deck to clear away any clutter 
  • Remove any food from the refrigerator before closing and ensure there is enough ventilation to ensure the air is not stale when you open shop in the New Year 

New Year, new start – there is nothing quite like a bright, fresh office to get the creative juices flowing. 


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