5 Tips To Make Your Office Paperless

Accountants, attorneys, doctors’ offices and other places of business find themselves drowning in heaps of papers. It is time to make your office paperless. Replacing paper files with digital records is the way moving forward and becoming paperless is not only kind on the environment but a practical and smart way to keep everything in order. It is high time you relied on cloud software. Change is difficult for everyone, particularly those that are fond of their paperwork and files. 

Here are five ways to move towards going paperless: 

  • Scan bills and receipts with your smartphone – it is time to get rid of that bulky scanning device and scan all those bits and pieces with your smartphone 
  • Scanning business cards is a great way to keep those little cards on record especially when attending workshops. Searching for business cards using mobile apps is oh so clever 
  • Get your statements from banks via email – make this a rule for all statements. E-statements offer more control over your data, too 
  • Use accounting software to create digital records  
  • Continue looking for digital solutions for all those onerous paper processes 

When you have a stack of papers that need to be filed, ask yourself what’s the best way to digitise them. Going paperless might seem a little intimidating at first, but once you and your teammates, colleagues and staff get used to the idea, everyone will ask themselves why on earth this the route was not taken in the past. 

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