10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Office

Make 10 New Year’s Resolutions for your office and keep these going throughout the year. It is the beginning of a new decade; therefore, it is a great time to get your work environment in tip-top shape. 

Here are ten resolutions for the office that are worth keeping: 

  • Check in on employees – regular meetings with employees will ensure goals are being met 
  • Spruce up your office with new crockery and cutlery, shiny plants (keep these watered and cleaned), add interesting artwork for visual stimulation, and add a lick of paint to brighten up your workspace 
  • Ask your employees to fill out a roster relating to their specific roles that they play in the company as this adds clarity. With expectations for their performance in writing, there’s little room for error or confusion 
  • Getting out of their comfort zone will enable employees to do tasks that are not usually tackled by them – choose something challenging such as team building out of the office environment, which is a great ice breaker  
  • Get your staff keen on supporting a charitable cause (eco bricks are a great example of using up recycled bottles filled with used plastic). Put a day aside once a month to dedicate to volunteering to the cause 
  • Form a social committee to organise social events which will help employees break down barriers and get to know each other better 
  • Encourage your employees to improve their skills by taking online courses 
  • Work-life balance is important – encourage your staff to exercise and eat right 
  • Positive vibes rule – get your team to say one positive thing about their co-workers that they admire in meetings. This is a brilliant way to get meetings on a great footing 
  • Respect each other’s space by keeping the kitchen clean and ensure you leave the bathrooms spotlessly clean 

Keep your office clean and neat by using a professional facilities management team such as Clean Care Mobile to ensure your resolutions are not broken by the end of January. 


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