It’s the first impression that will have the biggest impact on the way you view a business; therefore, it is imperative that you get it right first time.

First impressions matter and are lasting. When you enter any office for the very first time the physical state of the environment will impact positively or negatively on you. If your office is a mess and dirty, the impression your business puts out there is one of inefficiency and disorganisation. 

Facilities management professionals will keep your office in pristine condition, ensuring that the first impression of your office is a positive one. Clients will feel they are in the hands of individuals that know what they are doing and will put their best foot forward. 

Get some good ideas on how to make a good impression by “copying” great ideas from other organisations, The next time you enter a business or office take note of the surroundings and what your own first impressions are and apply these to your own office space. Take note of the colours, the lighting, the décor and smaller details such as the water fountain and coffee served. Ensure the tea and coffee is of a high standard – guests will remember the finer details long after the meeting has ended. 

The professional facilities team will ensure your office gives a first impression that will put your business in good stead. 


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