8 Things You Need to Purge In Your Office Today

CCM (Clean Care Mobile ) is a professional facilities management business trained to keep your office space in pristine condition, whether the windows need to be in sparkling condition, plants require tending to, carpets and upholstery need cleaning or there is regular maintenance of your work environment. We show you how to put your best foot forward presenting a memorable and positive first impression. 

However, purging your office space of unnecessary items will also make a positive, clean environment. 

Here are eight things you need to purge from your office: 

  • Clean out all unwanted documents whether they are hard copies or on your server – uncluttering your documents will free up your thought process 
  • Throw away any cables or remotes that are no longer working or required 
  • Business cards are not essential – use Google if you would like to find someone’s contact details – an easy, simple way to find their address, too 
  • Clean out, sort and donate 
  • Rearrange the furniture – this will make your office space look different and fresh 
  • Buy a couple of plants for the office – not only will it improve the air you breathe in but will liven up the office space and throw out any dead ones 
  • Tidy your desk every day before you leave the office. Throw away papers and recycle documents you don’t need 
  • Clean out the kitchen and keep it that way otherwise, germs will make everyone ill 

Purge anything and everything in your workspace – keeping your office clean will keep your mind focused. Keep your space in excellent condition by using the services of a facilities management team. 

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