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The Other Side of the Tunnel

Hands being sanitised

Go one step further from only disinfecting hands as individuals enter and leave your premises. Installing PPE products such as hand sanitisers PLUS walk-through Disinfectant Tunnels is going one step further in minimising infections and contaminations of viruses and germs! 


Owners of malls, factories, offices and other facilities, are clamouring to source and install Disinfectant Tunnels. The tunnels are one of the most sought-after commodities beyond COVID-19 as businesses from all industries right across the board are lining up to install these free-standing Disinfectant Tunnels at their entrances. 


Even once the pandemic eases off these tunnels will in all probability become the norm when you enter a shopping centre, office block, airport, railway station or any place where crowds of people get together. 

This is how Disinfectant Tunnels work and What their Specs Are 

  • The tunnels are 3m x 1.5 m wide and are 2.2 m high 


  • Included is a 0.55KW pump 


  • Disinfectant Tunnels have 220 V power supply 


  • Disinfectant Tunnels come complete with a 220– litre water tank with featured standard tap connector 


  • The branding detailing product used is safe for humans  


  • The tunnels spray a fine, clinically proven solution as you pass through. The solution is a non-toxic solution that is said to kill almost 100% of all pathogens including viruses, fungi, moulds and takes care of unpleasant smells 


  • On average the nozzles dispense about 40 ml a minute. The consumption of the liquid is completely dependent on traffic and flow 


  • Our Disinfectant Tunnels are equipped with ten fine-misting nozzles which are triggered by motion sensory detectors 


  • The fine mist sprayed is safe and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it is gentle on clothing and accessories so won’t cause any damage to property 


  • The spray is 100% safe for everyone – it is safe for adults, children, plants and animals 

What is the best application for the Disinfectant Tunnel? 

  • Set up this free-standing Disinfectant Tunnel anywhere you have people passing through – schools, banks, malls, factories, hospitals and offices or anywhere that has plenty of feet 

There is no price tag for the health and well-being of individuals. The tunnel is only R40 000 – a brilliant disinfectant option for all individuals entering premises. 

There are a couple of extras which include 

  • Delivery in the Johannesburg area 
  • Installation of your tunnel 
  • Rope lights 
  • Your individual brand name can be added  
  • It is highly recommended that you purchase disinfectant when investing in your Disinfectant Tunnel 
  • Rubber flooring 

Our automated walk-though Disinfectant Tunnel is safer than disinfecting hands only. At CCM we supply non-toxic sanitising solution strong enough to sanitise, yet gentle enough on accessories, skin and clothes. 

The correct preventative practices post COVID-19 is a whole new world we are living in and the way we will be doing things. Prevention is better than cure as the adage goes. We will assist in supplying you with the right PPE products to make this transition one that is fuss-free, offering a level of peace of mind.