Why an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service is the Way to Go

At CCM our professional team of cleaners are now taking on so much more in the way of keeping the environment free of germs and viruses whether in the home, the home office environment or the workplace. Our cleaning professionals are putting themselves at risk by being exposed to environments where the virus might be prevalent. That is why we take every possible precaution to minimise risk to all involved. 

Our teams are ready to tackle all work environments including restaurants, shopping malls, retail outlets, factories and others. We practice using personal protective gear to ensure risk is minimised wherever possible, such as wearing masks, gloves, protective gear and keeping a social distance wherever possible. 

It is no secret that by taking on COVID19-related cleaning jobs our professional cleaners, more so now than ever before, are now coming face to face to the virus in the cleaning industry by being exposed to facilities where the virus could be thriving. The importance of this work cannot be expressed sufficiently and by using conventional, powerful chemicals and disinfectants will normally result in individuals and the environment being subjected to being exposed to these toxic chemicals. 

Why Green Cleaning Is So Popular 

At CCM we understand that Green Cleaning has gained popularity. We use authentically registered disinfectants and cleaning products.  

The cleaning industry is now pushing towards a world that is changing on so many levels as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. It is, therefore, unsurprising that green cleaning and the use of eco-friendly products are sought after. We ensure our customers get an effective, genuine botanical disinfectant for all our important cleaning jobs. 

At CCM we are fully aware that numerous businesses are adopting new methods of cleaning their environments and are embracing environmentally friendly practices and policies to operate in 

Home offices are becoming increasingly popular with so many individuals now working remotely from their homes. Usurprisingly, so many are adopting a more holistic approach to cleanliness and keeping germs at bay. 

The combined efforts of CCM and clients applying green cleaning applications will prove fruitful over time. Some businesses have gone as far as moving into eco-friendly buildings. The result is one of satisfaction and sustainability. 

Eco-friendly Solutions Implemented by CCM 

  • Colour-coding of cloths will ensure all are kept separately and that no cross-contamination takes place 
  • Mops used are eco-labelled and fitted with microfibre cloths 
  • Deep vacuuming will remove the finest particles and allergens. This will reduce allergic reactions 
  • Soft furnishings and carpets are deep cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria 
  • Carpets are deep cleaned using biodegradable products. Filtered water makes the entire process more eco-friendly  
  • All cleaning products carry international environmental accreditation which breaks down in two weeks 

A pristine work environment cannot be stressed enough. Maintaining a work environment that is healthy, clean and fresh and above all, attractive is essential not only because it keeps diseases and pests in check. A clean office or home office ensures everyone is healthy and encourages a positive work ethic. 

Don’t let the impact of harmful products used in cleaning devastate the environment and harm people and pets in the process. As your cleaning companywe make use of eco-friendly cleaning products for a long-lasting result. 

Six Reasons Why Green Cleaning Makes Sense 

  • Certain chemicals mixed could prove to be downright dangerous. For example, chlorine and ammonia mixed could prove to be lethal. Certain cleaning products are dangerous. To avoid being contaminated, simply switch to eco-friendly products instead 
  • An interesting fact is that conventional cleaning products lead to higher levels of pollution indoors. These levels are often higher than the pollutants in the air outdoors. Volatile Organic Compounds are often responsible for a plethora of health issues, often remaining in the air long after they have been used 
  • Eco-friendly all-purpose cleaning products often tackle multiple tasks. This saves money, plus numerous organic products are often less costly than conventional cleaning products 
  • Protecting the environment is perhaps one of the most important reasons for swapping to green products. Many manufacturers are leaning towards making their products greener. The result is a cheaper product that is safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and derived from natural ingredients 
  • Cleaning is made easier by using eco-friendly products as fewer products are needed to perform numerous tasks 
  • Fully transparency by disclosing ingredients in cleaning products ensures customers get the real deal 

A healthier planet can be enjoyed by all by taking small steps towards an eco-friendly environment. CCM understands how important it is to use green cleaning products for the health of all.  

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